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Luxurious Bedroom

Prime Residential Refurbishment 

Specialising in Prime Residential projects is the heart of the T&T Group team.

Whilst delivering an array of services to the consturction industry, our background in prime residential property enables us to provide a premium services to owners and private developers of luxury properties in premier locations.

T&T Group provide the technical expertise and aesthetic perspective to deliver your project as you and your design team have envisaged. 

We utilise our array of specialist contractors as well as in house craftsmen to deliver your requirements. Our Specialist contractors work with a shared vision and attitude towards your project. 

Our team constantly monitor costs against budgets to ensure we can deliver maximum value to our clients.


We provide clear communication with weekly progress reporting and frequent client meetings. All projects have a dedicated team including a Project Director, Contracts Manager and an onsite Management team.


Many prime projects can be logistically complex, something we are well versed in. With a range of experiences we have many effective solutions. 

Our passion goes beyond buildings. Our passion is building meaningfull relationships with our clients and their team. 

If you would like to discuss your project further please get in contact.

Tel: 0207 993 6222


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