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Dilapidations aim to repair or restore spaces into an agreed-upon state by the tenant and/or landlord. It essentially seeks to return the property back to its original state according to the “Schedule of Dilapidations”. The terms of which are set out in the lease agreement between a landlord and their tenant. The service can be used by either the departing tenant or the landlord.

Commercial properties can get damaged for a variety of reasons. In some cases, it is natural wear-and-tear; others may be a result of negligence. Tenants often enter into leasing agreements based on maintaining their rented building or recuperating the damages upon the dissolution of their agreement.

Older buildings or spaces which have experienced a lot of wear-and-tear pose challenges to conducting dilapidation. Therefore, it is recommended to utilise professional services who can handle the matter responsibly and competently.

Our dependable, fast track Dilapidations service enables clients coming to the end of their lease a cost-effective alternative to excessive repair bills presented by the landlord at lease end. We offer a full and comprehensive strip out, repair and office refurbishment service with one point of contact and responsibility for all works. Our team of professional and experienced contractors will ensure you stay within the terms of your lease and return the property to the landlord as stipulated.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you restore your space.

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