Lead Paint Removal

Lead Paint Removal

Lead Paint Removal, also known as Lead Abatement, is the action of safely removing lead paint and the hazards the product creates. Removing lead paint incorrectly can have dangerous consequences, so ensuring a company such a T&T Group complete these works is imperative.

Our team are fully compliant with the Control of Lead at Work Regulations, HSE approved guidance and the LiPSA (Lead in Paint Safety Association) guidelines. We undertake every aspect of lead abatement, using only the latest technologies and processes and never compromise on safety.

A Lead Survey should initially be carried out before any works begin on site and also before any Asbestos R&D survey to prevent any lead exposure risks to these surveyors.

T&T Group will ensure your survey is completed to the highest standard with a detailed report and a clear action plan to remediate any Lead Paint Hazards on your project.

We work closely with your team to ensure a cost effective and programme friendly solution  is implemented.

Who needs a lead survey?

  • Clients/CDMC’s/Principle Designers – Those responsible for the commissioning of refurbishment and demolition work where painted surfaces are likely to be disturbed;
  • Principle Contractors/Sub-Contractors/Maintenance Contractors – Those responsible for the organisation/undertaking of works likely to disturb painted surfaces;
  • Building Managers/Facilities Managers – Where the duty exists to protect building occupants from potential exposure to Lead Paint hazards such as Lead Paint on friction surfaces, impact surfaces or deteriorated/flaking paintwork in the workplace
  • Owners/Custodians of Infrastructure – Flaking or deteriorated Lead Paint on or within an asset such as a pylon or bridge can present hazards to surrounding neighbours and the wider public when flakes and particles are displaced by natural weathering.

It is important to note that a lead paint survey is required for all relevant projects under The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, 2015 (‘CDM’) and The Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002 (‘CLAW’).

Please contact us further with your project information and we can advise on the requirement for a survey

T&T Group provide a full turnkey solution from survey to disposal.

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The Lead Paint Removal Process can be carried out in a number ways. We risk assess every site in detail, including the data we receive from the Lead Paint Survey, enabling us to choose the most suitable method for removing your Lead Paint.

We have the following methods of removal and fully trained staff :

  • Vacuum Blasting – Abrasive media shot blasting removes paints from all surfaces but also utilities a shroud and vacuum system to prevent any dust escape;

Vacuum Blasting Lead Paint Removal TandT Group

  • Laser Ablation – This process uses high powered lasers to remove paint from all surfaces. This process is extremely gentle on the host surfaces and is normally reserved for specialist heritage projects;
  • Wet Blasting – Abrasive media shot blasting as above removes paint from all surfaces but is combined with a water feed to wet the media and contaminated paint, minimising Lead paint dust escaping into the atmosphere;

Wet Blasting Lead Paint Removal TandT Group

  • Poultice – The Poultice Method consist of a specialist paste being applied to the Lead Paint contaminated surface. This Method is great for more complicated surfaces and is perfect for use on old covings and other equally detailed structures. The Poultice also ensures that the lead particles present in lead based paints will not be released into the environment but absorbed into the paste and subsequently made more safely disposable.
  • All of the above methods are carried out by fully trained operatives.  (Relevent associations: LiPSAHodge Clemco Blast TrainingCSCS)
    Our staff receive full medical surveillance to ensure they are never exposed to Lead.
    We follow strict guidelines that are similar to the process of removing asbestos. These have been developed working with various organisations including LiPSA and Heritage Testing. Contact us to review your project requirements. We are happy to offer advice and quotations for projects all over the UK.