Vacuum Blasting

Vacuum Blasting

Vacuum Blasting is also referred to as dust-free blasting or closed circuit blasting and it provides a controlled dust environment, making it the ideal choice for hazardous surface preparation.

The process works just the same as the abrasive blasting, but the media is confined within the blasting head which is fitted with a powerful vacuum unit. The blast media is recovered along with the surface contaminant/paint.

The method is characterized by a blast tool that does abrasive blasting and collects both used blast media, and loosened particles from the surface to be treated, simultaneously. The blast tool is equipped with a blast hose and a suction hose, that both run from the blast tool to a control unit. The control unit supplies the blast tool with pressurized air mixed with blast media, and sucks back dust, loosened particles and used blast media.

The control unit continuously separates dust and loosened particles from the used blast media, and sends used blast media back into the pressurized air flow.

Our units are fitted with cyclone systems which enable us to filter the hazardous material from the media. The dust and loosened particles are collected in a waste bin.